Business Development Services

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Business Development Services

Along with the financial services STEP also offers a wide range of business development services.

Business Training

slide0016_image043In order to provide marketing support STEP try to support their people to link with each other. For example STEP link a tailor with wholesaler in the same locality. Thanks to the networking system many partners could start their own business. It also helps to reduce the transportation cost, reduce time and energy when the meet their needs in their locality.




Skill training

In order to upgrade the skills of women’s, STEP Provide low cost skills training by mobilising the community resources.


slide0017_image0461. Vocational Coaching:

STEP provide low cost vocational skills on beautician, tailoring, crystal items etc. The training conducted twice per week for the duration of 6 months. Most of the time STEP identify resource from the same community so that the training can be more adopted in terms of language, place, available days and time with the trainees.

2. Skills training workshop:

STEP conduct some short time skill training which can be easily learned within 2- 3 hours. In the workshop there is also a scope of discussion directly with the trainer. Many time trainers also support interested participant to link with potential market. If any partners want some additional support to start business they are referred to STEP business counselling program for regular follow up and guidance.

Business Counseling

STEP has developed business counselling program for the people who need regular business guidanceslide0018_image050 for starting new business or diversification of business, increase selling or marketing support etc. This is an individual follow up for partners who need intensive support for their business development. Almost 4-6 weeks of intensive care, we support them to identify Strength, weakness, opportunity and threat and make business plan accordingly.


Micro Business Unit (MBU):

slide0018_image049It is very new initiative and already shown many potential dimension of community development. STEP helps a group of women to start a business through MBU without which these women were unable to start any business. In regards to MBU , STEP support people to develop their business plan, identify potential market and negotiation skill and management of MBU.