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Social Services

STEP also offers a wide range of Social services in order to improve the standard of living of vulnerable families,
Family Development Program

Family Development Program

It is an individual follow up program to support the family who are in need of psycho-social support.Family-Development-Programme Some of the    common issues that our social worker regularly deals with are as  follows,

  • In access of health services,
  • Administrative documents,
  • Family conflict,
  • Drop out
  •  Health and hygiene,


Health Awareness Meeting

In order to raise general health awareness, STEP provide health training on Diarrhoea, malaria, safe slide0021_image056drinking water, Diabetes …etc. Most of the training discuss through interactive session and mainly focused on prevention of the disease and what are the immediate steps people should take while suffering from these disease.


Social workshops are arranged on the field for partners as well as non-partners.These meetings are held in a public area and cover different social issues such as overinbtedness, dowry, family budgeting, child marriage…

STEP use pedagogical means for these workshops such as charts, pictures, stories or drawings to ensure that women will understand and remember the message clearly

Social Referrals

slide0022_image064From the beginning STEP keep on referring to local NGO, govt

department or other institution as per peoples requirement. In order to strengthen the referral services, STEP continues to develop linkage with other local NGOs, CBO, schools, govt department etc.