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  1. Put clients first: STEP is fundamentally committed to serving its clients, who are our foundation, by providing the highest standard of individualized service. STEP recognizes the importance of listening closely to our clients and communities to better understanding their unique requirements, anticipating their needs and providing creative solutions.
  2. Innovation: STEP encourages creative thinking and continuous improvement in order to better support and retain our clients and employees.
  3. Integrity: STEP provides financial services and socio-economic services to its clients to enhance their well-being. It achieves this ethically and with transparent, fair, and cost effective methods. This manner is also applied to STEP other stakeholders.
  4. Quality of services: At STEP, we believe that our clients deserve tailored as well as efficient services. We provide these services in a convenient, proactive, and timely manner.
  5. Transparency: At STEP, we provide our clients and other stakeholders with complete and accurate information about the terms and conditions of our products and services. Information is provided in a user-friendly manner to enable them to easily understand on those terms and conditions.
  6. Fair Practices: At STEP, we ensure that the services we provide to our clients as well as the interactions we have with other stakeholders are not unethical or deceptive. We are committed to building relationships that are based on respect, fair treatments, and courtesy.
  7. Confidentiality: Privacy of our clients and other stakeholders is strictly safeguarded and stored, and such data is only used upon their consents, and they are well informed on specific purposes of data usage.
  8. Non-Discrimination: STEP considers its clients and other stakeholders as value assets and takes all of efforts to make sure that the institution treats them in appropriate manner.


STEP is guided by the following 2 fundamental principles;

1. Partnership
Partnership represents equal right and duties. At STEP, we believe that without active support of community people, it is impossible to reach the social mission. STEP offer some product and services and the people value them by offering service charge. A written contract of partnership is signed by both parties. Neither, we give donation or free services like other NGO, who call people as beneficiary, nor like corporate who do just business by asking money from their clients. STEP takes care of their daily life and wishes of the people. That is why at STEP, we call the client/beneficiary as ňúPartner.

2. Sustainability

Only growth is not enough to get a long term impact. It requires sustainability. At STEP, when we talk about sustainability, we talk about both for organization as well as partner. To us, sustainability not only financial but also operational and psycho-social. In specific, we call sustainable when a organization and partner

  • Cover their expenses by its own consistent and secure income,
  • Free from external dependency,
  • Empowered to its own decision.

Sustainability remains one of the core principles of STEP.