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Any client can register a formal complaint in case of any grievance or for seeking any information or explanation.Grievance redressal policy:

  • Each client will be provided the phone number of the Branch Manager. The phone numbers as well as the address of Branch office will be printed on the client loan contract, passbooks etc. The client can register the complaint either over the phone or by walking into the branch office at 9.30 10.30 AM.
  • Any complaint by the client will be noted in the Complaint register to be maintained at the branch office. The client should be provided information, clarification or action taken to the client within 30 days. The Coordinator will routinely check the complaint register and will cross-check with clients whether the complaint has been addressed satisfactorily.
  • Complaint register will be carried to field to register complaints by BM, Coordinator, OM and Internal auditor during monitoring and audits.
  • The grievances noted at branch level will be monitored by the operation manager based at HO. The units will send a grievance redressal report every month to the grievance Operation manager.

Annexure I


(To be maintained in soft copy)
Name of the Branch:

Sl. No. Date of Receipt of the complaint/ suggestion Name of the Partner Partner Ph number. Gist of The complaint/ suggestion Date of final closure Method of resolving the complaint/ suggestion

Complain box: it is consisting of Name of coordinator, Phone number and time to contact, it could be good to have some comments about the objective of this box and how it can be utilized by the client.