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Indian Gravamen Services is registered as not for Profit Company under Section 25 of Companies Act, India. IGS is engaged in Livelihood promotion through capacity building, research & development. Since inception IGS has been striving towards Action research and promoting livelihood strategies and solutions that have potential to promote a large number of sustainable livelihoods. IGS strives to achieve the twin objectives of Developing sub-sector / vector intervention products, process for livelihood promotion through pilot intervention.Providing technical assistance and support services to institutions (including Community based institutions) involved in promotion of livelihoods of poor and women.


The Dariu Foundation is a Swiss-based not-for- profit organization, established in 2002 in Switzerland. The foundation specializes in microfinance for the low-income women in the rural areas of Vietnam and Myanmar.



BNP Paribas Bank

The BNP Paribas Bank allows us to expand our services and activities by granting us loans and promoting our services.



Microfinance Solidair
Microfinance Solidaire is a french company that linked the investor
with micro-finance institutions in order to provide them funds. the company lent money to social micro-finance institutions with low interest rates.




Micrograam allows us to expand our services and activities by helping us to finance some partners’ loans regularly. This indian crowdfunding organization is providing funds by putting in relation investors and micro finance institutions. Through the stories and photos of our partners, investors can chose which partners they want to help.


Saint Dominique

Students from Saint Dominique French high school come every year to visit our organisation and usually spend a few days on the field. They have given positive feedbacks about STEP’s relationship with the partners.


Claire & Capucine from Indiatrain’ joined our teams from April to June 2015 to work on the economic and financial trainings provided to our partners and on other development projects.

Arthur & Hugo, from Micro Credit Macro Action, crossed 12 countries in Africa and Asia by bike to support microcredit in the World. They visited and supported STEP in june 2014.


Microcredit en 4L


Nicolas & Matthieu from Microcredit en 4L did a turn of the world in “4L” to support microcredit. The two french boys visited STEP in december 2013.



Trois Petits Guidons

Antoine, Tristan & Charles from Trois Petits Guidons cycled all around the globe (20,000 km) to meet microfinance organisations. The three French students visited STEP in February 2012.

Entrepreneurs du Monde

The French social microfinance NGO was at the root of the creation of NCRC, which later became STEP.Although STEP is now entirely independent, Entrepreneurs du Mondeprovides donations that greatly help STEP expand its services, but also provides moral and technical support through many visits in India every year.